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Κλείσε την πόρτα

I'm alone in this world.
Sometimes it's bearable,
sometimes it's not.
Feeling emotions makes me
feel like a fucking pussy boy.
I've always felt terrible, but
it's getting so fucking worse.
I even almost went to therapy.
So glad I changed my mind before
I actually fucking regret it.
Nobody can fucking help me.
I'm ALONE. I'm so fucking
alone. I don't know why
I'm fighting it. It's good to be alone.
It shouldn't hurt.
Some days it doesn't,
Some days it does.
I just want to kill myself.
I don't know how to do it right,
without becoming a vegetable.

I almost made the mistake of attending
therapy. I won't exactly say what went wrong
but, I realized it was a huge mistake.
This made me realize that I'm completely
alone in this world. I always disassociate
at work.I don't really listen to people much
when they talk to me. It's quite a blessing.
Thinking about being completely alone in this
just makes me want to go back to cutting myself.
Quite pathetic, really.

I made this site to share my thoughts
and art. I kept getting banned on
social media, because my art is too
dark for easily triggered fools.
If you've a weak stomach,
then this site is not for you.
Check back later, this shit is still
under construction.